Autel MaxiTPMS TS508


The TS508 stands as a dedicated TPMS service tool, designed with automotive professionals in mind. This versatile tool offers both Quick and Advance modes for TPMS service, accompanied by a handy TPMS status screen for quick and convenient access to important information.

Equipped with the TS508, you can effortlessly read, activate, and relearn all recognized sensors, making it a comprehensive solution for your TPMS needs. The tool also provides two methods for MX-Sensor programming, further enhancing its adaptability. It excels at performing placard value resets on supported vehicles, ensuring accurate tire pressure management.

The TS508 simplifies the process of on-tool MX-Sensor relearn procedures, including OBDII, and offers the capability to conduct key fob signal tests. Keeping your tool up-to-date is easy, as it can be updated via a PC connection and includes an OBDII cable for added convenience.

To provide assurance and support, the TS508 is backed by a one-year tool warranty and offers free lifetime software updates, making it a reliable and long-term companion for automotive professionals in their TPMS service and maintenance tasks.


  • Reading and copying of universal TPMS sensors
  • Prints sensor data via USB
  • Autel TPMS sensors programming
  • Inputs sensor ID in the control unit
  • 4 x MX Sensor programming methods
  • High Vehicle coverage
  • Sensor learning via OBD
  • TPMS Fault scanning
  • TPMS DTC read and clear


  • 320x240 LED colour display
  • 4 methods Programming
  • OBD Cable
  • Oil and Water screen resistant
  • Reads 433 Sensors
  • Auto Power Off
  • 3.2V Li-polymer Battery