ThinkCar EV Bolt on for Battery Pack Diagnostics


Introducing the Thinkcar EV Bolt On, an exclusive product available through Thinkcar UK. This innovative add-on is designed to complement your Thinkcar Euro Max or Euro Master X, enhancing its capabilities to perform advanced battery pack diagnostics and establish direct connections to battery packs. A notable feature of this bolt-on is the inclusion of the Tesla application, a valuable addition that is typically priced at £595+vat.

With the Thinkcar EV Bolt On, you can unlock a new level of diagnostic potential, especially when dealing with electric vehicles. This extension empowers your Thinkcar diagnostic tool, allowing it to efficiently analyse and diagnose battery pack-related issues. Additionally, the Tesla application brings a valuable and often costly feature to your diagnostic toolset, making it a cost-effective solution for technicians and mechanics working with Tesla vehicles.

This add-on demonstrates Thinkcar's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and ensuring that your diagnostic tool remains adaptable and up-to-date in the ever-evolving automotive industry, particularly in the context of electric vehicles.